Poetry · Writing from the 1990's



Time brings healing

in a world of hurt feelings

The hours tick away

The words of cruel hate

The minutes pass by

The painful tears I’ve cried


Time brings understanding

where there is no solid landing

The years become true wisdom

The weeks, they change—

and knowledge is gained


Time brings kneeling

and judgment that’s sealing

The moments have come

and happened one by one

Everyone has stopped

the ticking of life’s clock.


–January 4, 1995

Poetry · Writing from the 1990's

Bleeding Heart


She drags herself across the mead

her chest all decked in blood

She stops and rests in agony

and falls into the mud

She gasps and grasps her shattered heart

at least the little left

She sees the bit of dying flesh

drops of liquid red

The sun begins to die away

she gives another try

Her life is leaving slowly now

It’s drained her insides

Alas the darkness has now come

It shakes its fists and mocks

She feels rejected and refused

Her life’s a broken clock

One last plight to salvation

One last request for love

But when he comes and finds her there

he leaves her drenched in mud

–January 1993

Poetry · Writing from the 1990's

Frown of Fate



A frown fixed on her face

was like a seal of fate

upon the little babe.


Although her body changed

her face expressed the same

sad smile so creased with pain.


She’d had no trials or storms

when she was newly born

yet she still looked forlorn.


Although it took awhile

to urge the cheerless child

she finally learned to smile.


Still all the more she frowned

it seemed that she was bound

and despairingly down


Why does this girl still suffer?

I know I’ll always wonder

when I look in the mirror.


–January 1993

Lyrics · Writing from the 1990's

How Can I Go On


  • Every night
    when I close my eyes,
    when I can’t get to sleep
    and start to cry,
    your face is all that I see
    in my mind.
    Your voice is all I hear

    How can I go on
    when everything that I do
    brings to mind
    long lost memories of you?

    Every morning
    when I open my eyes,
    I focus on something
    I tried to hide…
    a picture, a letter
    From you,
    of something
    that we used to do.

    How can I go on
    when everything that I do
    brings to mind
    long lost memories of you…

    And me
    when we
    were together,
    but now
    I’m alone.