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Here’s an inside look at Love Poetry:
An International Anthology of
Poems on Love, Romance, and
Relationships by Z Publishing. Still amazes me everyday that there are people out there who enjoy my writing enough to publish and to share it. Thanks to my sister for the pictures. The poetry anthology is available on Amazon in both softcover and digital formats. Next month, I will be sharing poems from there by other writers on instagram.com/wordsoncanvas.

Poetry · Words on Canvas · Writing from 2014 to 2015



With you, I am nothing but happy.

It is the rest of the world

that demands my tears,

my thoughts,

my heartache.

It is only because of you

that I can remember

to look for the sun

behind the clouds.

You are my anchor,

my rock,

my comfort.

You are my world,

my heart,

my home.


–November 9, 2015