A.M. Ream Poetry · January 2016 · Poetry



Inside rests an

interesting combination

of woman and child:

There is always

a hidden passion

ready to surface

without warning,

but also childlike

whims and giggles.

All the while,

she happily embraces

the woman she has

become, welcoming

the loving arms

extended without judgment,

without expectations,

the comforting embrace

ready to soften

any blows the world

hurls her way.

This is what it is

to be truly yourself…

and to be loved

and cherished,

the unquestionable

safety and security

of knowing it will

always be there.


–January 30, 2016

A.M. Ream Poetry · January 2016 · New Beginnings Poetry · Poetry




There is a ghost

of a flame,

a small spark

hinting at the

passion that

once consumed you.

Remove the ashes,

carefully fanning

the flame with

the breath of hope

until that fire

rages inside

you again.

Allow the light

that had been

hidden in your soul

to seep out

and inspire

the countless beings

who so desperately

need a



–January 27, 2016

A.M. Ream Poetry · January 2016 · New Beginnings Poetry · Poetry




Stories and worlds

created in the mind

of a brilliant writer,

dark towers,

time travel,

alternate universes,

and new worlds…

All of these pale

in comparison

to the hero

who embodies

the modern

Renaissance man

who surpasses

any fantasy

I ever had

of a knight

in shining armor.


–January 27, 2016

A.M. Ream Poetry · January 2016 · New Beginnings Poetry · Poetry

Tears and Confetti



My soul has echoless depth,

my heart an unlimited capacity for emotion.

Like the pendulum of a clock,

the swing from elation

to despair may sometimes

occur without warning,

often with almost no gap

between the two.

Some may label that

as moody or unstable,

but I feel nothing

but pride regarding

the range and versatility

that has always been

an innate part of my being.

And I weep for the ones

who are unable

to experience the wonder

and ecstasy with which

we humans were created.


–January 25, 2016

A.M. Ream Poetry · January 2016 · New Beginnings Poetry · Poetry

Angels and Devils of Eden



A lush garden paradise,

the warmth of the sun,

and a loving soul

with which to live

out your days.

But if that is all

you have ever known–

every possible wish

and desire granted–

then it would be almost

impossible to realize

you are essentially

in heaven on earth.

Even in the most

beautiful environment,

humans are flawed.

The tears of a troubled woman,

a stranger offering comfort,

adding up to impending disaster:

losing the only world

you have ever known,

realizing too late

how much you have

taken for granted.


–January 24, 2016